“All my life I sang for the love of singing. But now, I sing for the idea of hope.  I sing because nobody should give up their dreams.  I HAVE Lyme Disease, which left scar tissue where my vocal cords once were, and I speak in a whisper.  But I AM a singer.  And more than that, I AM a dreamer.

“Losing my voice was not a curse, but a blessing. My music is my triumph over struggle. That is more valuable to a person in pain than a perfect performance. And now that the very act of singing through my whispery voice has become my direct message to fellow dreamers, I can not, and will not, give up.” -Erica Xenne



Erosian Exile began with Erica Xenne: a singer, composer, and pianist who began composing and studying music at age 4, and had a career in music as a teenager. At age 16, Chronic Lyme complications lead to permanent damage on her vocal cords, leaving her to speak in a whisper.

She was the Erosian Exile, exiled from her passion [Eros]: singing.  But the ghost of her voice was resurrected by the songs that wrote themselves through her and the power of her dream.  Erica’s ethereal voice, coupled with her brother Jon Brand’s heavy drum sound, her rhythmic piano style, and Prince Ruby Valentine’s soulful guitar compositions, created an otherworldly sound.  Thus, the siblings formed the core of the band, Erosian Exile, played shows around NYC with a revolving lineup, and released their first album.

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Erosia symbolizes the utopian ideals that we all stray from. In the legend of Erosia, Prince Ruby Valentine is a passionate guitarist, addicted to freedom. He is exiled from Erosia for failing to believe in Love. The Muse, Erica Xenne, loves Ruby desperately, and follows him into exile. Once she leaves Erosia, she loses her magic power (her singing voice) and speaks in a whisper. In Dystopia (the world outside Erosia), Erica whispers melodies, lamenting Ruby’s self destruction, and hoping the magic of the music will lure him to believe in Love and return to Erosia with her.

The first album, Slave to Freedom, is a love note to Ruby. The guitar lines include pieces of songs Erica and Ruby played together in Erosia. It is structured as a conversation between Erica (vocalist) and Ruby (guitarist). The backup singers are other beautiful women who also love Prince Ruby and compete with Erica to possess him.  But their struggle is in vain – Ruby is a slave to Freedom.


Erica and Jon teamed up with Murasaki Shikibu, who has played bass since she was a teenager, and has danced in the audience in wild costumes at their shows for years.  The trio is working on their next album, which Erica insists will be their magnum opus. Of course, she says this every time, and is never satisfied, always chasing the next dream.  Believing, if you will.

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